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About Me

I think my repertoire can be best described as a wide, multi-faceted overview of the Italian music tradition. The Italian music is rich and ranges over many genres as well as regional variations. It has a clear Mediterranean character, with tonalities and melodies that many people describe as 'sunny'. My playlist includes, among others, jazz and swing hits from the 40s and the 50s, suggestive ballads and witty tunes by modern artists, together with a whole range of classic Neapolitan songs and folk music from various regions in Italy. The resulting diversity is due to the different backgrounds of the selected songs and to my personal arrangement and playful improvisation. My aim is bringing out the special character of the music, while enriching it with influences from different styles and countries. Bossa nova and tango flavours, together with a Middle-East sound, are combined with the Southern Italian folk dance 'tarantella'.

Massimo Frascogna Levande Italian Musik